10 Must Haves for a Fall Wedding

While it is the middle of summer, it is the perfect time to start talking about fall weddings — they creep up faster than you think! Here are ten things you need to have a fall wedding as sweet as apple pie.

  1. Rustic Location

Fall is such a gorgeous time of the year. Picking a location that is more on the rustic side will be A+ for perfect wedding photos with the changing leaves and beautiful scenery around you. 


  1. Thematic Drinks

Hard cider, anyone? Save the mojitos and rosé for your friends saying “I do” in the summer time. Hit a home run with drinks incorporating flavors like caramel, cranberry and cinnamon.


  1. Fall-inspired Bouquets


Having a bouquet with lots of wild flowers and deep reds, yellows, and royal purple is peak fall-wedding aesthetic. Bonus points if your bridesmaids have similar arrangements including a bit of beautiful fall foliage.


  1. Naked Wedding Cake

If you aren’t huge on frosting, having a naked wedding cake, where frosting is only used to cement the layers together, is the way to go. It gives off perfect rustic vibes with its deconstructed look. 


  1. Wildflower Centerpieces

Similar to the bouquets, incorporating the outside flowers and plants will really transform your wedding into a cozy, fall paradise.

  1. Themed party favors

Put together a bundle of must haves for your guests to remember your special day long after the wedding is over and the season has passed. If your wedding is outdoors, be sure to include some Solemates High Heelers for your well heeled guests. 


  1. Candles

Candles. CANDLES! Light up the room with all sorts of shapes, sizes, and colors of candles for a candlelit dinner and first dance. When you see the photos, you will thank me.


  1. The Dress

Matching your wedding dress to your theme can sometimes be a bit complicated. Going with a long sleeved lacy option is perfect for fall: It will keep you warm, but you will also look absolutely stunning.


  1. Food

For a summer wedding, people don’t normally want to be ordering particularly “heavy” meals. But if your wedding is in the fall, offering choices like stews, steak, and more hearty options not only will keep your guests full, but will also be the perfect cool weather food.


  1. Creative guest book

Putting your guest book on a pumpkin or a slab from a tree trunk is a festive idea that will hold the memories of both the wedding and the overall mise-en-scene of the day for the rest of your life. 

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