10 Adorable Gifts For Your Maid of Honor

Your maid of honor is a special person in your life, who deserves to be treated as such. For all the ways she will help you on your big day, here are a few things to give to show your gratitude.


1) Bracelet

Giving your MOH a bracelet in the metal of her choice not only is a sentimental way to show your appreciation, it also gives her the opportunity to think of your special bond every time she sees it. She can also wear it as an awesome accessory at the bridal shower, bachelorette party, or rehearsal dinner!

2) Digital Photo Frame

Chances are, you two have a lot of photos together. Put together a digital album so that she can see a personalized slideshow and put it somewhere special. She can even add her own photos from the wedding afterwards as well! It is a gift that keeps on giving.

3) A New Tote

Your maid of honor will have a lot on her plate, so why not give her a way to carry around all the necessary items for your big day? A tote is not only fashionable, but functional, and picking one out in her favorite color or even just a neutral so she can pair it with anything is sublime.

4) Spa Day

If you think your maid of honor is in need of a little TLC, give her a spa bundle so she can kick back and relax before the big day. This is a win win situation because you can tag along and make it a cute date between just the two of you.

5) Headphones

If your maid of honor is a music aficionado or is going to be traveling a long distance for your big day, a new pair of headphones is a great gift. Bonus points if they come in an adorable color!

6) Solemates Preppy Skull Collection

This set is the must have for any woman on the go, which is perfect for a maid of honor. Not only does it come with all three sizes of Solemates High Heelers and a Blister Blocker for breaking in the new bridesmaid shoes, it all comes in the cutest preppy-meets-edgy tote. 




7) Camera

A camera is a great gift to give your maid of honor if she is sentimental. There are tons of cameras on the market that are a great price and come in all different colors. She can even bring it to the wedding to capture moments that your photographer might miss - after all, she knows you best.

8) Makeup Set

Any aspiring MUA loves getting makeup as a gift. There are tons of makeup sets that brands release that include a variety of products for a bundle price, so just head over to your nearest beauty store with your maid of honor's favorite brand in mind, and it really is just as simple as that!


9) Something Boozy

Giving your maid of honor a nice bottle of her favorite wine or a new set of drinkware to set on her bar cart is an awesome unconventional way to show your bestie that you care. It's also an amazing way to toast your friendship after she says yes to being your right hand woman!

10) Her Dress

Weddings are expensive, as we all know, but sometimes we forget how they can get costly for those closest to us as well. Offering to pay for your maid of honor's dress is an extremely practical way to show that you care, and that you both are in it together. Taking one of her to-do's off her list will be hugely appreciated.

Whatever you decide to give your maid of honor, make sure that it fits her personality. After all, that is why you have chosen her in the first place. A wedding is one day, but a bond between a maid of honor and a bride should last forever.


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